The Architecture studio has designed award-winning custom homes for 25 years. Every project represents the challenge of weaving a client’s unique set of circumstances of program and site together to create a space that embodies the spirit of the whole. The magnitude of attention in creating a dwelling for shelter, inspiration and family experience is not to be undertaken without passion and fortitude. We love to explore the possibilities and push the limits of our projects. We embrace the heritage of the place and instill familiarity into our projects, expressing a fresh vision in a unique way reflective of our own time.

Custom Home Building

Birdseye has over three decades of experience in a wide range of construction techniques, including conventional stick-framing, steel construction, new timber framing, as well as meticulous rehabilitation of antique timber framed structures. We have extensive knowledge of heating and cooling systems, geothermal, solar and wind energy systems and how to create the best thermal envelope for your project.


Birdseye has the skill and equipment necessary to execute any landscape design including seawalls, stonework, roads, ponds, and tree planting. We also have the capability to seamlessly place power, water and septic infrastructure.


Our team of craftsmen bring an unprecedented level of expertise and enthusiasm to each project. From detailed shop drawings to the finished product. Our work includes the fabrication of superior quality furniture, mantles, built-ins, stairs, doors, railings, cabinets and we ship our work worldwide.


Birdseye metalwork encompasses traditional metal forging and contemporary fabrication. Every element is carefully constructed to emphasize the intimate design in the unique metal details of a Birdseye home. Custom metal features and furniture fabricated by our metalwork studio express an ease of execution, longevity and purpose.

Property Services

Birdseye Property Services is dedicated to the maintenance and preservation of your home. We apply our knowledge and professional experience to maintaining, monitoring and enhancing the life of your property.