Birdseye Included in Masterpiece Monograph Series by Oscar Riera Ojeda Publishers

We are honored to announce the release of our monograph: Bank Barn / Birdseye. ⁠
⁠ ⁠
The 200 page coffee table book reflects the art, craft and culture of Birdseye in every aspect of our architecture & building company. The Masterpiece Series book captures the project showcasing design sketches, architectural renderings, construction drawings, scale models, construction photos and the completed project.

The book connects the true spirit of Birdseye’s creative process and work to Vermont and the Northeast. Vermont’s Mike Gordon contributes the book’s forward paralleling his musical experiences and regional influences with Phish and his own band to the work and culture of Birdseye. ⁠

The Introduction, contributed by design writer Tim McKeough introduces the work writing, “By choosing to root its projects in the time-tested design traditions of the Northeast, but continually prodding them forward by experimenting with new materials and expressions, Birdseye has carved out a regional niche that is now attracting attention from a larger audience.”⁠

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