New Birdseye Monograph Released By Oscar Riera Ojeda Publishers

We are honored to announce the release of our new book, Field House / Birdseye, by Oscar Riera Ojeda Publishers as part of their Masterpiece Series, which includes monographs of the work of renowned architects Estudio Ramos, Alberto Campo Baeza, Faulkner Architects, and more.

The book captures the Field House project through design sketches, architectural renderings, drawings, scale models, construction photos and the completed project. There are over 200 pages of images and text, including a foreword by James Timberlake, FAIA, an introduction by architecture critic Aaron Betsky, and an interview by architecture journalist James Moore McCown with Birdseye’s Principal Architect Brian J. Mac, FAIA.

Betsky writes, “Field House is neither an overt exception—not in Birdseye’s portfolio nor in the area in which it sits—nor an odd building. It is in its ability to develop tried–and–true methods of siting, building, composition, and detailing in a manner that is specific and sometimes even slightly eerie in its effect that its greatest strengths lie.”⁠

Timberlake describes Field House and Birdseye’s work more broadly as, “…nothing less than a new 21st century formalism, a vernacular informed by critical theory and training, enhanced by detail, and crafted with perfection.”

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