Williston, Vermont   |   2022


Annex is the artist’s studio of world-renowned sculptor Richard Erdman. The project program includes a flexible space for large and medium scale sculpture floor and pedestal display, shelf presentation space for maquette models, outdoor sculpture space, and an administrative office and library.

Functional requirements of the studio include a hydraulic lift for installation and removal of large-scale sculpture, electrical/lighting, and a mechanical heat pump system for heating and air conditioning.

Conceptually, the building is equally inspired by both the artist’s sculptural language and the agrarian context of the surrounding horse farm. The studio, defined by the cantilevered, corrugated Corten steel shed is influenced by the metal clad structures that serve as stables, barns, and utility sheds on the farm. The landscape design takes its cues from the horse pastures and fencing. Annex is sited on a raised landscape plinth, captured by a wooden guardrail that mimics the paddock fencing. The ground cover is compacted stone to an infinity edge of the concrete wall to the south and west, and to a Corten edge to the east and north.

The building placement bookends the existing farmyard buildings and horse paddocks. Annex is positioned parallel and perpendicular to the surrounding buildings and is placed furthest west in the yard. The building overlooks the rolling horse pastures and visually connects to the distant mountain views.

The interior spaces are minimal and open. A steel shed structure is exposed to the studio and reflects a traditional bent of a timber frame. A monumental steel shelving display is integrated into the space and window composition. The interior wall and ceiling finishes are black to contrast the marble sculpture. Custom large scale metal pivot doors open into the white plaster office space/library. A large custom wood storage cabinet provides storage and maquette display. The finish floor is polished concrete adding to the durability, functionality, and overall minimalistic aesthetic. All lighting is LED and purposeful to the sculpture.







Brooke Michelsen Design



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